Thunderstorms and cyclones commonly occur, but due to recent developments in climate change, it has been shown that these storms can occur even more frequently and with greater intensity. The damage caused by storms is usually proportional to how large and intense these storms are, so if we’re talking about more intense storms then that means we should expect bigger damages to property as well. Damages to infrastructure are very common, and this doesn’t only include commercial property but personal property as well. While these facts are hardly encouraging, it’s worth mentioning that there are more sophisticated weather forecasting methods these days. People can also prepare themselves and their property better, so that they’re safe when these storms arrive.

Keeping Your Loved Ones and Property Safe

What you have to remember about storms is that while it’s hard to recover from the damage they cause to property, it’s even harder to recover from the loss of lives. Keeping all your loved ones safe during thunderstorms and cyclones should be a priority, and this can be done in several ways:

Monitor the weather. Safety starts with good monitoring and complete information. You can’t prepare yourself for the worst if you don’t know that the worst is coming, and this is why you need to be constantly informed about coming thunderstorms and cyclones. You should also make sure you have a portable radio that’s battery operated, as well as fully charged batteries just in case it dies down. This helps you have complete information regarding the storm, even during the storm itself.

Build an emergency supply kit. You should build a kit that contains everything you need during emergencies – medicine, first aid materials, heavy blankets, food and water supply.
All electrical appliances should be turned off. You should also stay away from the sink, the shower and even the bathtub because of the plumbing pipes that they are connected to. All types of metal plumbing are very good conductors of electricity, so in the case of a thunderstorm when a lightning can strike your house anytime, the danger of electrocution is there and you would want to stay away from it.
Know who to call. You must be aware of the safety precautions being employed by your community as well. Know where to evacuate just in case it gets to that point, and know where to report an emergency because it’s better to be safe than sorry.

When Caught Outside

While the most ideal situation is to be inside the safety of your own home during thunderstorms and cyclones, there are cases when the storm catches you outside. In moments like this, it’s important to remain calm and secure shelter right away. You have to stay away from tall trees and electric lines, as well as bodies of water. It’s best to crouch down low to the ground but not to the point of lying down. When inside a vehicle, you should also keep yourself alert against falling debris, falling trees, as well as power lines. Some storms also cause flooding in a lot of areas, and you should watch out for this as well.

Updated: August 24, 2012 — 7:06 pm
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